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I fell in love with Van Gogh and started drawing a picture. After a while, painting came naturally. However, I didn't know whether I could make it my profession since I've been here on this planet quite some time already. I've experienced various occupations, including therapist, sales representative, and teacher; never an artist. But I began painting anyway. My art uses various mediums, such as oil, watercolor, acrylic, and pastel. Topics range from political issues to objects, narrative themes and breathtaking natural beauty of a moment, but everything has a theme: anything that fascinates me. Recently, I have been more interested in global issues such as poverty, war, and environmental threats. 幾つか普通の仕事を経て、ゴッホに恋して絵を描き始めました。仕事になるのかどうかは全く分かりませんでした。アーティストの選択肢など考えたこともありませんでした。そして、すでにかなり長い間この地球上に存在していました。でも、とにかく描き始めました。今、心惹かれた対象や物語のテーマを描いています。最近は特に貧困や戦争、環境問題等から生じる「人間の悲しみ」を絵にしていますが、一方で自然の息を呑むような「美」に出会う瞬間を楽しんでいます。

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