Today is the last day of 2019. Therefore, the day this blog uploads to my homepage is already in 2020…

Sorry! I’d like to go and eat “Toshikoshi soba” ( yearcrossing noodle) from now. Toshikoshi soba is Japanese traditional noodle bowl dish eaten on New Year’s Eve. 

So, everyone, “Have a good year!” and “Happy New Year!”.  Yesterday walks into today...

As you know, Van Gogh found inspiration from Japanese prints and became an ardent collector (Ukiyo-e). He adapted Japanese art to modernize his art by incorporating ideas or techniques of oriental art for his desire.

He really wanted to come to Japan, however, it didn’t come true as he didn’t have enough money.

The following represents Japan’s popular tradition in the New Year’s Eve.

Noodle in the picture below is called “Toshikoshi soba”, which the Japanese traditionally eat at New Year’s Eve.

Toshikoshi soba

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The snow really stopped falling in recent years. When I was a child, there was always snow from December to February. Christmas was always white. I wonder to where Global Warming is taking us…

As I am writing this blog, CNN is featuring naturally eco air conditioner of India, that allows the water to flow from the top of several beehive pattern cylindrical terracotta cones.

Eco System in India

Eco India: How the pattern of a beehive inspired the design for an affordable, natural air cooler

The theme of this show is to see whether it can replace the electric air conditioner. It says that the incoming hot air from the machine reaches a cooling effect after it passes through these cones, and the air temperature on the other side is observed to reduce considerably.

December in 2019 (There is no snow on the roofs!)

Japan Meteorological Agency is suggesting methods to lessen the impact of global warming.

The main issue is the lessening of the CO2 emissions; so inventing some methods, such as dimming the sunlight by the curtains and Cool Bizs/Warm Bizs is in demand.

Otherwise, we can also limit the air conditioner temperature to certain degrees and conserve the showering water. By doing so, we can reduce the usages of fuels and electricity. Some other methods include:

Do not keep warm the electric pots/jars.
・Turn the main powers of electronics off, or unplug it, when not in use.
・A study has shown that when the whole family is in the same room, the energy use is decreased by 20%.
・Use more public transportation or bicycles, or use the Eco-Drive mode when you are driving your own car.

Photo by Agustín Lautaro 

My mother is happily saying “It’s so easy when it’s this warm and no snow,” but if we can stop global warming, I believe that we should do it. No one should be indifferent.

 Yukitsuri “snow hanging” to prevent from being weighed down with snow in my garden: January 3, 2020


2019年も今日で最後になる。このブログを自分のホームぺージにアップロードするときは、2020年になっている。なので、皆様「良いお年を!」… ちょっと年越しそばを食べてきます。

昨日の続きで今日になり… 皆様「明けましておめでとう!」

御存知のように、ゴッホは日本の浮世に強く惹かれ、熱心なコレクターでもあり、浮世絵等の模写を幾つか残している。自身のアートに現代的なアイデアや方法を取り入れる必要を認識し、東洋のアートに学んだ。当時 日本を訪問したい気持ちが強くあったがお金がなくて実現しなかった。


Osechi-ryōri (御節料理 or お節料理)

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ところで 本当に雪が降らなくなった。小さい頃は12月から2月にかけて必ず雪があった。クリスマスに雪がなかったことがない。この地球温暖化はどこまで進むのだろう… 

ちょうどこのブログを書いていたとき、CNNで蜂の巣のパターン(pattern of a beehive)に円錐形の素焼きの焼き物を積み重ね、上から水を流すインドの手頃な価格のエコ自然空冷について特集していた。

機械から発生して入って来る熱気がこの円錐形の焼き物を通過した後、冷房効果により反対側の気温を相当 下げることができるという。

詳細は上にYoutube をアップロードしました。



Photo by Ria Puskas










Japonaiserie by Vincent van Gogh