December flew past by because of subtitling the film starring the world’s best athletes of Climbing, Surfing, Snowboarding, snowmobiling, and skateboarding who competes with their souls on the line and creating this website that began on the end of November.

I love surfing myself, but how these men in the film lives are incredible. They rise, dance, and climb the midst of the high-rising cliffs, beautiful and towering waves, and frozen white landscapes. Just, simply superb…

John J (The Book of John J), the snowboarder, once said in Alaska ” Everyone lives next to danger. And I meet truly rich people. Not monetary rich, but in life. The richness of doing what you want. And following them to have a great time.” During this series, unfortunately the situation was unkind, so he had to give up riding this year in Alaska.

However, he said “ It’s my dream to go to Alaska every year. I love it there. It’s like the peak of the seasons. The terrain adapts to the proceedings of the changes. Alaska is the game of patience. It requires the strength to walk away. Patience is how I stay healthy. In Alaska, patience may be the key to stay alive.”

What a fortune, being able to meet something that allows you to speak so positively. Even though the film I can feel his power and beauty. There is a human’s unending kindness. I also think he is a kind of philosopher as well.

Long before I began painting, I simply scanned some publicly famous ones whenever the chanced rolled by. One day, I met a replica of Van Gogh’s “Terrasse du Cafe le soir”. Back then, I saw it without knowing the creator.

Even though it was a replica, the awe filled my soul and I was pulled into its world. That painting drawn with his unique style would be perfect (in my opinion) if you see it from a few meters away.

I only knew it was Van Gogh’s work after my eyes slid a little past the bottom of the rim. I suppose this is what people call “the real thing.” And that replica is now sitting in a cabinet in my living room.

Kröller-Müller Museum :Houtkampweg 6 OtterloNetherlands

Van Gogh wrote to Theo about “Cypresses and Stars” from Arles, famous even in Japan.

I must also have a starry night with cypresses, or perhaps surmounting a field of ripe corn; there are some wonderful nights here. I am in a continual fever of work. (Arles, first half of April in 1888)

Impromptu n°3

As for the exhibition of the Indépendants , it’s all one to me, just act as if I weren’t there, So as not to be indifferent, and not to exhibit anything too mad, perhaps, the “Starry Night” and the landscape with yellow venture, which was the walnut frame. Since there are two with contrasting colours, it might give somebody else the idea of doing those night effects better than I have. (Saint-Rémy, early June in 1889)

I couldn’t draw for a while. I also accumulated 2 classes worth of acrylic painting class. I wish to concentrate from the end of the year to the New Year in the painting. The oil painting “Schubert – Impromptu n°3” is about to be completed.

This painting actually began as my favourite rock star playing the piano. However, as I went along, it became a Classical piece for some reason. I don’t know why it flew that far. Honestly speaking, only this part is my favourite in Shubert’s this piece.

Here is Impromptu n°3 played by Evgeny Kissin.

Schubert – Impromptu No. 3, Op. 90 (Kissin)

一般に 映画などに日本語の字幕を水平に入れる場合、1行は13文字で最高2行までの文字制限がある(<- Netflix。会社により少しずつ異なるが13文字前後が多い)




私はサーフィンが大好きだが、この男たちの生き様は凄い。切り立った断崖、美しく巨大な波、凍り付く真っ白な雪の風景の中で舞い上がる、踊る、登り詰める。ただ ただ 素晴らしい… 


“みんな危険と隣り合わせで生きている。そして本当に豊かな人々と出会う。金持ちではなく人生が豊かなのだ。やりたいことをする豊かさ。それを追い求め 楽しい時間を過ごす“


でも ジョンは言う。“毎年 アラスカへ行くのは僕の夢だ。大好きなんだ。シーズンの絶頂のようなもの。地形は変化の進行に適応する。アラスカは忍耐のゲームだ。立ち去ることができる強さが必要だ。忍耐は健康でいる秘訣だ。アラスカでは忍耐は生存する鍵かもしれない


Thank you, Jamison McAndie!

絵を描き出すずっと前、絵は一般的に有名なものをそこそこ教養程度に見るといった時だった。ある場所で初めてゴッホの「Terrasse du café le soir」(夜のカフェテラス)の複製を見た。



多分、「本物」とはこういうものを言うのだろう。その複製は今 自宅の居間の棚に置かれている。

 La nuit étoilée: Musée d’Art Moderne, New York (États-Unis)


油絵の「SCHUBERT – Impromptu n°3」(シューベルト/即興曲)は殆ど完成だ。(Kissinの弾く Impromptu n°3 は上にアップロードしましたが下でも聞けます。)