Before I began to paint, I obtained qualifications to be an agricultural supporter for Japanese farmers and a natural food coordinator. I was also planning to be an agricultural guidance provider in developing countries.

Now I am part of an organization in helping African children suffering from assorted reasons such as famine, persecution, or poverty. (⇩ Pictures drawn by a 8-year-old boy in Swaziland. At that time, he’s been planting and growing potatoes in order not to let his family starve.)

As a natural food coordinator, it was the first time for me to bake bread with rice flour or make soy milk. Tofu is more than 80% water, so it is better to use mineral water without chlorine odor. Usually when you cook, following a recipe would do the trick, but farming crops are not as easy, in other words, very difficult.

I planted extra seeds which I got at The Center and planted them at home. Crops grew so well at The Center, but my own crops do not grow well. A friend of my acquaintance just retired from being an architect, rented a vineyard and began making wine. There was a possibility that I could use one of the grape trees to make wine, but that did not work out.

 At that time, I was planning to make crops in my garden and open a natural food cooking class, but it was too difficult to make the ingredients myself.

As you may know, under the influence of Millet (Jean-François Mille), Van Gogh also drew many pictures of peasants. When he painted women, the area below the waist is drawn very large and strong, and I can see kind of move of a capacity for hard work of the peasants in those pictures.

On 8 August 1888, he wrote in a letter from Arles to Theo: “I wanted to paint a poor old peasant, whose features bear a very strong resemblance to Father, only he is coarser, bordering on a caricature. Nevertheless, I should have been very keen to do him exactly like the poor peasant that he is.”


(上の絵はスワジランドの8歳の少年が描いた。当時 その少年は、家族を飢えさせないようにジャガイモを植え、育てていた)






御存知のようにゴッホも ミレー(Jean-François Mille)等の影響を受け、 農民の絵を数多く描いている。女性の場合、がっしりとした体つきでかがむと腰から下の部分はとても大きく力強い。私にはその農夫たちの重労働に耐え得る動きが見える。


ただ 絵画の中では粗野で、似顔絵的になってしまった。それでも父を貧しい農民に見えるように描くのに一生懸命だったんだ。」