As you know, “The Red Vineyard” at Arles is the only masterpiece sold during van Gogh’s short 10 years of living as an artist.  The letters of Vincent Van Gogh’s last date was near the end of July 1890, sent from Auvers-sur-Oise of France, addressed to his brother Theo.

Here, in his last three months, van Gogh finished 77 pieces. Even his most beloved “Thatched Cottages at Cordeville” was painted at Auvers. July 27th, Gogh shoots himself, and dies on the 29th (37 years old). Theo himself is to die  of dementia paralytica on January 25th, 1891 (33 years old).  My heart breaks…

I plan to visit Auvers soon. It’s about an hour and half by bus or train from Paris.

A few years ago, I went around mediterranean countries such as Italy, Croatia and Montenegro on a cruise ship. I was a guest of the ship’s orchestra member (therefore everything was free).

Because of that, my cabin was at the bottom of the ship, no window, and when the ship departed at night, the deafening engine blasted throughout the room and shook it to pieces. However, since it was only for sleep, I had no problem with that… Anyways, such cities, with shadows of the middle ages still remaining, was earnestly worthy of the word beautiful.

I wish to paint Europe’s scenery for a bit. Below oil painting is the scenery of the quiet south France village, my first attempt on the small F0 Canvas. I thought that smaller size meant easier to complete, but soon I realized that I could have never been more wrong.

 Jours de Printemps dans un village tranquille


ゴッホはここで彼の最後の3か月間に77点の作品を描き上げた。あの最も愛されている「Thatched Cottages at Cordeville」(「コーデヴィルの藁葺小屋」<- 題は私の直訳です。正式な邦題を御存知の方がいらしたら教えてください)もオーヴェルで描かれている。

7月27日、ゴッホは自分の胸をピストルで撃ち、29日に亡くなった(37歳)。テオは翌年の1月25日に病気で逝去(33歳)。胸が張り裂ける… 近々、オーヴェルを訪れようと思う。パリから電車かバスで約1時間半のところにある。


数年前に地中海クルーズでイタリア、クロアチア、モンテネグロなどを巡った。船に乗り込んだミュージシャンの乗組員ゲストだった(つまり、すべて無料)。 ただ 船室は船底で窓がなく、夜に港を出発するときはエンジンの音が響きわたり揺れる。でも 船室では寝るだけなので、全く問題はなかったが…